Hear what people are saying

 This class has had such a tremendous positive impact on Angelina...and it's fun! Thanks for all you do!

Colleen D. 


I took all of my kids to music together for years and I am convinced that Music Together benefited my children in so many ways. From articulation to public speaking to thier love of music. It is a great program.

Rayna S.



I am saddened Sean & I will no longer be participating in music together as I have reentered the full time work force. We continue to listen & sing the catchy tunes! We all love "she sells sea shells" -#9 on the track! Thank you for a motivating introduction to music & rhythm.

Grandma Joan 


Ildiko has done a wonderful job this semester. She made the class very fun and something that Andrew and I have looked forward to every Tuesday.

Julie & Andrew W


I wanted to write a note and say how much my daughter enjoyed music class. Miss Ruth was an excellent teacher that I cannot say enough good things about. We may be moving in the next few months because of my husbands job so I am holding off on signing up for the winter. However, as soon I figure out where we are landing I will definitely enroll her in a Music and Me class again. It was a great time!

Lynn S. 


We are still loving our music classes with Ms. Ildiko. She is phenomenal. I recently went back to work and my mother is watching my son and the Music Together class is the highlight of their week. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for young children!

Carley A

 To Miss Ruth....I hope you alway feel good about teaching.  It is wonderful what you do!

Gretchen B.